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Interior Design


Maker North strives for an in store visual consistency that helps your goods sell. Neutral colors, solid colors and simple, modern patterns will do well in our space. Old school craft (and new school design) with a modern twist is key. Remember, form follows function. This means that the product must be well made and the function of the product should not have been compromised in favor of its look (form).

Our inspiration board below serves as a guide, but not a rule, of the store vibe we seek to set.

A Pile of Sweaters
Ceramic Kitchenware
Plant Hanger
Art Gallery
Wooden Pieces
Jewelry Maker's Table
Artist Painting Jewelry
Patterned Fabrics

Fabric Style


We encourage our maker community to support our local businesses like Sew Smart in Rhinelander. But. If you can't quite find the fabric you're looking for or can't make it to town, Spoonflower is a great resource for the remote maker.

Spoonflower Outdoors Collection

Spoonflower Woodland Animal Collection

Spoonflower Nautical Collection

Spoonflower Hodag Fabric (shameless plug :)

Fabric in Rolls
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